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Misty Bleu Farm is located in beautiful Washington County, New York at the head of the Black Creek ValleyMisty Bleu Farm produces hops for the R.S. Taylor & Sons Brewery.

Located on 50 acres in the heart of the Hebron Hills, Misty Bleu Farm is the home of R.S. Taylor & Sons Brewery.  The Brewery and Taproom are open to the public Wednesday through Friday from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday 12 noon to 9:00 pm.  Come experience true field to glass farm-brewed beer at our farm, nestled among green hills and stunning natural beauty.  Our farm boasts over 600 feet of frontage on the West Branch of the Black Creek, with waterfalls and rushing cascades.  Tours of the brewery and grounds are available.  The Farm and Brewery are also available to be rented out for special events.  Please visit the brewery website, www.rstaylorbrewing.com for more details and directions.

Follow our journey as we create the Most Beautiful Farm Brewery in America!

Latest Project Updates

Time for a Cool Change

Misty Bleu Farm - Saturday, January 16, 2016

When I first started this blog, about 4 years ago, it was about our family's journey of moving to the farm full time.  That has finally happened, and since then our lives have changed, dramatically.  I have tried to chronicle as much of this as possible in these pages.  I hope you, dear reader, have enjoyed the journey and our observations along the way.

The rhythms of our daily existence are different now, and it has made me reconsider the focus of this blog.  It may be time for something fresh and new.  I am not sure exactly what the next incarnation should be, but I believe it is time.  The last thing I want is for this blog to be, heaven forbid, boring.

We have new lives now, and the new neighbors and friends we meet in the tap room each week only confirm this.  I find that I am correlating less and less to the outside world- outside of West Hebron, that is.  We have no tv, although we do follow along with the outside world via the internet.  We do this mainly to make sure it is still there; but otherwise we have very little use for it. 

Stay tuned for what happens next.